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IT Outsourcing Consulting

We help to standardize IT process, data, technology, vendors to consolidate them in a new organizational unit with lower fixed cost, transparent pay per service charges based in service level agreements and controlled overflow demand peaks with external outsourcing resources.

IT Shared Service Implementation

We have implemented Project Management Office in many industries in multidisciplinary teams across many organizational areas, cultures, time zones, and countries. Our PMO service is committed to adding value to the business, not only to accomplish the traditional core functions of project supporting and Gantt updating.
We also manage the organizational knowledge and transformation. We do IT governance, we show one real status based on data analytics and also give coaching to people.

IT Cost Reduction

We help to improve the services standardization required by the IT service area to find the best combination between volume, costs, variety, level of service, process standardization and outsourcing through the internal clients of the company.

IT Outsourcing Assessment

Based on best practices and frameworks we evaluate the cost, pros, and cons to outsourcing parts of the IT service organization. We help to find the best plan to accomplish the business objectives of the company.

IT Enterprise Architecture

We translate the company business objectives into a road map of IT components using best practices and frameworks.