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Software testing is done to check the quality in systems development, which is achieved by defining factors such as modules or functions of this, the types of tests to be practiced to verify the quality and the resources allocated to carry out the tests, among others.

To perform software testing is necessary to define a method and follow certain essential steps, such as those listed below:

  1. Analyze the requirements of software development
    • To run a software testing plan, before all you need to clear user requirements that make up the project to be tested.
      Here you have to analyze information engineering requirements trace ability matrix, specifications and design functional and non-functional requirements, applications and user stories, among others. It is very important during this process meet regularly with the team in charge of the engineering requirements for clarification and further information. This step will define all the subsequent process, so it is essential to give the necessary time and attention.
  2. Recognize the new features will be tested and test existing
    • The testing software should include the list of new features that will be added to the system. In the case of those integrated into an existing software, it is necessary to review the functions in conjunction with business analysts and software architects to leave no stone turned.
      Alongside this, we emphasize the features that already exist and can be impacted by the development in some way. To this we must consider all the elements involved in the different levels of software architecture.
  3. Define testing strategy
    • At this point you should select the types of software testing to be performed. Here we recommend following some reference to establish them, for example, using the test parameters defined by the ISTQB software.
      This corresponds to the early stages to develop a software testing plan. This may include a larger number of steps according to the complexity of the system to be tested, but you should always start with these three points, especially how to define the process that we will perform.